Saturday, June 27, 2015

32 anniversary dinner

32-anniversary dinner at frog and peach Nnj
5-course tasting menu with wine pairing
1. iced kumomoto
lemon granita, white sturgeon caviar
a briny taste of the sea

ew Brunswick
2.tomato consomme
avocado foam,pasila chili spiced hazelnuts
outstanding clear consomme totally wild flavors
3. mosefund farms pork tenderloin
squash blossoms, fregola, basil yogurt
juicy tasty pork complex flavors
4. la tur
soft triple milk cheese, piedmont Italy
mint walnuts, crostini
mint enhanced the cheese super tasty
5. tasting of sweet corn
caramel corn, pudding, corncake.\, frozen corn mousse
corn in all its sweet beauty
espresso coffee and brandy round out the night
happy anniversary diane

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